FAQ for real estate services

What are the different services you offer for real estate?

The following are the most common services I offer, they can be purchased separate or as a package.
Interior and Exterior Photographs
Aerial Photography including exteriors, amenities, lots with boundary markers.

How do you deliver the images and how long is your tun around?

All images are delivered in a gallery via email. Photographs are sized for high resolution digital use. Its up to the customer to decide which images to use.
For real estate photography intended for MLS or rental sites turn around time is 24-36 hours. For commercial photography turn around time is approx 1 week.

What are your rates and payment options?

Each project is based on servaral factors from # of images delivered, square footage of the property, location of the property which is why I ask you to contact me directly for a quote using the contact page or at my email address info@maxphotosc.com

Who owns the photographs and who can I share them with?

As a professional photographer this is a very important question. Unless otherwise negotiated Max Photography LLC maintains all ownership and copyright to the photographs. I provide you with a limited license which is intended for usage such as; MLS postings, sale of the real estate, rental property marketing, marketing on your website. Third party advertising use/download/reproduction is not permitted without written authorization.
For further clarification on this issue please feel free to contact me.

What if I need to cancel a scheduled project?

For real estate photography weather can play an important part in the process, especially if it's raining. In that case I will work with you to find the best situation. However for most real estate projects I ask for 24hours notice to make any changes. If you are unable to give that notification I do charge a cancelation fee.

Does Max attend the photo shoot?

Max does not attend any photo shoots for obvious reasons:) But she does observe the editing process:)